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2.5L will cover approximately 30m² in one coat depending on the timber and method of application.


Previous finishes must be fully removed prior to application. Ensure the timber is dry and free from possible contaminates e.g. algae, grease, dirt or dust. Exterior timbers susceptible to decay, module and fungi should be treated first with Treatex Preservative. The timber must have a moisture content below 18%. Temperature must be greater than 8º𝚌 during application and drying. We strongly recommend a trial application prior to starting the project. 


Stir tins thoroughly, before and during use. Use a brush or roller to evenly apply Treatex Stain Inhibitor in the same direction as the wood grain, allowing approximately 85ml per m². Leave for approximately 24 hours to dry and then overcoat with Treatex Classic Colour collection.


For the best result remove all sharp edges. Treatex brushes and rollers are available. wet brushes and rollers can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Store tins in a cool and frost free environment. Unopened lions will last for three years. Once tins are opened, transfer to a smaller, airtight container. 

Item No. 590
Sizes: 2.5L (h)