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Suitable for: External use

Recommended timbers: Suitable for most hardwoods and softwoods

Applications: Decking, cladding, windows, doors, garden furniture, garden structres etc.


1L will cover approximately 10m² on smooth timber, profiled timber will reduce coverage
2.5L will cover approximately 25m² on smooth timber, profiled timber will reduce coverage 


Treatex Rejuvenator works best when the timber is dry. If possible avoid applying in direct sunlight as this can dry the product out before it can work properly. If this is not an option, lightly dampen the surface with a sprayer and leave for around 10 -15 minutes. Apply a liberal coat using a 2 inch or 6 inch Treatex brush then leave for a few minutes. Lightly mist the surface with water before brushing vigorously with a stiff brush or broom. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all of the product and allow to dry for 1- 2 days before finishing with one of the Treatex Exterior Oils/Anti Slip Decking Oil.


Treatex brushes available. If using a pressure washer to rinse the timber, don’t hold the jet too close as this can damage the grain on the surface of the timber.

Item No. 41200
Sizes: 1L (e), 2.5L (h)