New: R12 Anti-slip additive

A new additive designed to be added to Treatex Clear Hardwax Oil (Matt, Satin, Gloss). Designed to increase slip resistance from R10 to R12, it is perfect for use on stairs, wet areas, doorways & ramps. 

New: Anti Slip Decking Oil

To coincide with the release of Treatex Exterior Oils, we have release Treatex Anti Slip Decking Oil. It works on both treated and untreated timbers and is perfect for decking, wooden walkways and any other exterior where slipping may be a hazard. 

New: Exterior Oils

We're happy to announce the release of our new Exterior Oils range. Treatex Exterior Oils are the ideal new or renovation finish for decking, cladding, doors, windows, garden structures and other exterior joinery and come in a range of colours. 

We have now created a video showing how to use Treatex Exterior Oils, check at the bottom of the Exterior Oils page.

Floor Care video

Here's an instructional video on how to use Treatex Floor Care and the effect it can have on your floor. Take a look! 

New Video 

We've produced a new video showing the application of Treatex Teak Protection. The ideal finish for protecting and rejuvenating garden furniture. 

New Product

Treatex Grey Cedar Oil will immediately enhance the colour of Cedar to achieve the naturally greyed effect that comes with age, whilst still protecting and allowing the timber to mature.


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