Item No. 210 (Flatt Matt) 220 (Matt) 230 (Satin) 240 (Gloss)
Sizes: 1 Litre, 2.5 Litres, 10 Litres (Gloss only comes in 1 and 2.5 Litres)

Hardwax Oil Ultra
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30ml Sample - Hardwax Oil ULTRA
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  • Easy to apply - buffed, brushed or rolled on

  • Quick drying - usually dry within 3-6 hours

  • Low odour

  • Water resistant

  • Very durable - further strengthened with Treatex hardener

  • Easy to clean with Treatex Floor Care or Treatex Spray on Floor and Surface Clean


  • Comes in Flat Matt, Matt, Satin or Gloss sheen levels

  • Has a warming effect on lighter coloured timbers

  • No sanding required between coats

  • Withstands high temperatures

  • Very durable

  • Easy to maintain with Treatex Wax Polish

  • Spot repairable

  • Slip resistance test BS 7976-2PTV. Suitable for domestic, commercial and wet areas.

  • Complies with regulation DIN 68861-1B: Resistance to spills of water, wine, beer, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks etc

  • Safe for use on children’s toys: DIN EN 71-3

  • Meets with VOC emissions regulations

  • Recommended for those with dust allergies; dirt and dust can be removed easily

  • Contains no biocides, preservatives or carcinogens

  • Slip resistance further increased with the addition of Treatex R12 Anti-Slip additive


Suitable for: Internal use

Recommended timbers: All (dense/oily timbers may require Treatex Thinner). Has a warming effect on some timbers.

Applications: Floors, doors, stairs, worktops, woodturning, skirting, furniture, instruments etc.

Please Note! 
Clear Hardwax Oil must always be used as the final coat when Natural Hardwax Oil or Colour Tones are applied*


1L will cover approximately 20m² in one coat / 12m² in two coats depending on the timber and method of application.
2.5L will cover approximately 50m² in one coat / 30m² in two coats depending on the timber and method of application.
10L will cover approximately 200m² in one coat / 120m² in two coats depending in the timber and method of application.
1L will cover approximately 3 doors in two coats depending on the timber and method of application.

Compatible with

Treatex Colour Tones / Hardener / Thinner / Natural Hardwax Oil / Wax Polish / Floor Care / Preparation Cleaner / R12 Anti-Slip additive.


Application Method 1


Sand 120-150 grit

Apply a thin coat of ULTRA using a good quality roller

Leave for 10 minutes

Slow buff with a soft pad to remove excess

Finish using a lint free cloth under the buffer

Leave for 45 minutes to dry with good ventilation


Apply the final coat with best quality microfibre roller


Usually ready for use after 8 hours

Usually ready for furniture after 18 hours


Application Method 2


Sand 100-150 grit


Apply the first coat using a good quality brush or roller


First coat will usually be dry within 3-6 hours with good ventilation


Apply the second coat using a good quality brush or roller

Usually ready for use after 8 hours

Usually ready for furniture after 18 hours

Self combustion

Treatex , like other natural oil based products contains Linseed oil. If you use a mechanical sander to remove any freshly applied linseed oil based product, you should empty the sawdust out of the machine on a regular basis as there is a small but possible risk of self combustion.


If Treatex Hardwax Oil is applied too thickly, drying time will be increased. To speed up drying time raise the room temperature and increase air flow by opening doors and windows, or using a fan. 

Treatex brushes and rollers are available. Alternatively, use a high qulaity micrfibre roller or good quality brush. Tightly wrap a plastic bag around wet rollers and brushes to stop them drying out between coats. Wet brushes and rollers can be cleaned using white spirit. If you are using hardener then wet rollers and brushes will dry even if they are wrapped in a plastic bag and it will not be possible to clean them.

*Natural can be used as a top coat with Spruce Colour Tone to achieve a pure bright white (see: Hardwax Oil Natural).